Sit: Give the verbal cue and hand signal at the same time. The hand signal is lifting your hand, palm facing up in front of the dogs nose (as if you lured with a treat in front of the nose). Once the bottom hits the floor say “yes” and reward. If you are using a clicker, then click and reward. We try to keep them seated for a few seconds if possible. The ‘sit’ should be a stationary behaviour, it is not bum on the floor and then straight up again.

Watch me: This can be done with the dog sitting facing you. It can also be done standing or lying down but sitting is best. Say “watch me” whilst bringing the treat past the dogs nose and up to your eyes. As soon as the dog gives eye contact, say “yes” or click and then treat. Then gradually ask for longer eye contact before rewarding.

Touch: Present your hand about 10cm in front of the dog’s nose, usually the dog will touch your hand. As soon as the dog touches, say “yes” or click and reward. Be careful that you do not move your hand towards the dog to touch his/her nose. The idea is to get your dog to move towards your hand to ‘touch’. . If he/she does not do it, take your hand away and represent it.

Doggy Zen: This is not so much a cued behaviour but more of a relaxing exercise. You show the dog the treat, you put your hand with the treat to the right, about arm’s length away from your eyes on eye level. You then wait until the dog takes the eyes off the treat and looks at you. You must not say anything. Once you get eye contact, say “yes” or click and reward. In the beginning you reward for every glance!

Quiet on cue: When your dog barks, or even when she does not, get a treat, show it to your dog, put the finger in front of you lips, say “quiet” and when the dog is quiet give her the treat. Repeat this exercise. You have to make sure that there are 5 seconds between the barking and the treat. Otherwise you might reward the barking by mistake.

Written By: Barbara Hodel
On: May 19, 2016
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