Socialization means introducing your puppy to the world in a positive way so that they become a confident, outgoing and well adjusted dog. The most critical time is between 6 and 16 weeks but the socialisation window may be open until about 5 months of age The earlier you start the better.

Most aggression issues are a result of ineffective socialisation.
• Socialisations means a positive experience. You should never force or overwhelm your puppy, you should proceed at your puppy’s pace. Let the puppy decide to approach or retreat.
• Generalisation: Dogs do not generalise well so you need to expose your puppy to the same stimulus in different locations and environments.
• Pair the stimulus with a treat to make the association positive. If your puppy is not eating this is a good indication that your puppy is overwhelmed.

Meeting the same people or same dog in the same situation, for example an older dog at home, is not socialisation it is just habituation.
Socialization is not just for puppies you have to keep going with your juvenile dog
and keep taking them to different places daily until they are about 6 months, then two to three times a week until 12 months and then once a week until about 3 years.

Check list:
Places Sounds People Surfaces Animals Husbandry
Shopping malls Sirens Old and young Grass Puppies Holding and cuddling
Streets and parks Power tools Hats, sunglasses, helmets Floor boards Adult male and female dogs Tick check (entire body: paws, teeth, muzzle, tail, between pads….
Crowed places Cars, motorbikes, With crutches and wheelchairs Grates Cats Nail clipping
Parking lots Thunder Prams Dirt Kittens Brushing/grooming
House hold noises (door bell, knocking, cooking, discussions, laughing….) Children all ages with skateboards, skates and rollers Carpet Pocket pets
Radio TV Tiles Horses
Farm animals

This is not complete, depending on your personal situation you might need to socialise with different things.

Written By: Barbara Hodel
On: May 19, 2016
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