A lure is a piece of food or toy that guides the dog into a specific position – lure is food/toy before behaviour.
A reward is something the dog wants (food, toy, pat, voice, play etc) after the dog has done the behaviour you asked for. Reward is after the behaviour.

Lure method.
You put a piece of food in front of the dog’s mouth and guide the head eg up and over the head to get the dog to sit. We only lure a few times (for a sit maybe 3 times), then we take the food out of our luring hand but make the same movement, if the dog sits the reward comes from the other hand.
Once the dog does this about 80 % of the time correctly change to an intermittent reinforcement schedule.

Shaping check for a good example or try it yourself using the way we showed you how to teach shake.
• Reward the behaviour that you want
• A behaviour that gets rewarded becomes more frequent and longer in duration, a behaviour that gets ignored disappears
• Set him/her up for success
• Keep in mind dogs do not generalise well, you will have to train everything in different contexts and environments
• Once he/she knows a behaviour switch from luring to prompting (food not in your hand any more). Once she performs a behaviour reliably on cue (80 to 90 %) switch to a variable reinforcement schedule (every 2nd, 3rd, 5th etc) but still reward occasionally, otherwise the behaviour will disappear
• If you cannot ignore try: interrupt (with her name), redirect (get her to do an incompatible behaviour for example sit when she jumps up) and reward the desired behaviour
• Do not just say no (some dogs think their name is no) or make a noise as you are not giving enough information on what you want, you also will not get a behaviour you can reward

Written By: Barbara Hodel
On: May 19, 2016
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