Your puppy needs to go to the toilet:
• After a sleep
• After a play
• 15 to 20 minutes after a meal
• Every hour in between

You have to reward every time your puppy goes to the toilet until they are completely housetrained. Once you have not had an accident for 4 to 6 weeks you can start phasing out the treats.

It is best to take the puppy to the same area every time (make sure it is clean! They do not like soiled areas). Once the puppy does eliminate quickly put a cue to it (quick or wee wee or similar) and once finished give them a treat.

Keep some treats in this area. Please don’t be stingy, it works much better if you are generous with your rewards. Yes praise or play works but food works much better.
Then have a little play so that they have some fun outdoors but not at 2 am!
It might be better to keep the puppy on the leash to start with. It is also better to lure and make them walk out instead of carrying them. It can also help to walk with them to get a bit of bowel movement going.

If the puppy makes a mistake under no circumstance punish them. They will think that they gets punished for what they are doing not where they are going. They will be scared of you and refuse to go to the toilet in front of you. This will make for a long wait in the back yard at night, when it is cold or raining!

It is important to stay with them outside and see them going to the toilet, otherwise they might just have a bit of fun in the yard, come back in and toilet in the living area.

As long as your puppy is not house trained they should not be unsupervised in the house. Set up a confinement area for them (crate or playpen with some newspapers) if you cannot supervise.

If you find puddles and poos in the house it is a sure sign that your puppy has too much free range. This will make toilet training much harder as your house starts to smell and look like a toilet.

Do not use ammonia based cleaners but enzyme based ones.

Written By: Barbara Hodel
On: May 19, 2016
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