About me

I am not your ‘average’ dog trainer. At heart and by education I am an academic. I love science and I love change and best practice.
When I started dog training a lot of people still talked about dominance (well they still do) and the use of punishment based methods was common and considered normal. With my background in adult education I just could not do it nor comprehend the idea. Why would you possibly train with force and not choice?

Learning is a cooperative process based on a trusting relationship.

I hold a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Science and Technology from the Companion Institute in Canada (http://casinstitute.com) and a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services with the Delta Society Australia.
I also hold a Master’s Degree in Modern European History and Economics from the University of Berne (Switzerland) and a MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Southern Cross University Australia. In addition, I have in-depth experience in adult education and training, having taught high school and university students in Berne, college students in Sydney, as well as middle and top management employees of a large public corporation in Switzerland.

I am also training my dog successfully in Agility and Rally O. At Goodog Positive Dog Training we run pet dog training classes for puppies and teenage dogs on Sydney’s Northern Beaches as well as workshops for loose leash walking, recalls and trick training. I also provide in home consultations for any behavioural problems.
You can find out more on goodog.com.au or e-mail barbara@goodog.com.au

I am a member of the Delta Institute and Vice President of The Pet Professional Guild Australia.

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